FCS Kali Intensive Training Program 1 in Timisoara


This was the group. 4 cities from Romania: Arad, Bucharest, Oradea and Timisoara. 4 days of intensive training in FCS Kali.

We covered the basics during 20 hours of training. After 7 hours of empty hand, 8 hours of blade and 5 hours of stick, the concepts are clear now. The FCS Kali foundations are strong: the empty hand, the blade and the stick. I can say that after these days I am in love with circles, elbows and the enemy’s joints.

It is mind opening to see all the different concepts and aspects of the art coming together to define our aims, directions and possibilities. What is the aim? What is the purpose? Why do we flow? Actions vs Reaction? How do you really prepare for reality? How do you train the mental part? What is survival? How do you connect the dots? What is the purpose of the flow drill or the template? How do you actually use what the template teaches you? Body mechanics – why and how?And these are just a few of the concepts covered the first day. This is more than a usual seminar, camp.

“A simple, clear explanation gives answer why a movement looks like this. You have the reasons, understand the concept that all technics are based on and see how this connection works through the drills. The point is to do. Don’t think on it too much but live it. Shape this theory to an experience. That’s all.”
Well, this is the longer version we introduce the exercise.
The shorter one sounds like this: “Hey, look! I stab!” – Manong Atilla Jonas

Pictures from FCS Kali – ITP 1 on Facebook.